Jean-Marc Lina, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, École de technologies supérieures (ETS)
Affiliated Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, McGill University
Regular member of the Montreal Mathematical Research Center
Phone: 514-396-8688


Post-doctorate in nuclear engineering (Atlantic Nuclear Services Inc.)
Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (University of Montreal)
Diploma in Engineering Physics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France

Research interests

Digital signal processing applied to biomedical, in particular in neurosciences. The main biomedical applications are in pre-surgical planning of epilepsy (Collaboration with Dr Gotman, MNI and Dr Grova, Concordia), analysis of ERG signals in degenerative retinopathy (Collaboration with Dr Lachapelle, McGill), analysis MEG signals and the study of human sleep (Collaborations with the CARSM).

Methodological approaches

Time-frequency analyzes (wavelet theory, multifractal formalism), the resolution of inverse problems in multimodal neuroimaging (MEG-EEG) and the functional connectivity of brain networks.



CIHR (co-PI)


My team

Jonathan Dubé

Ph.D. candidate

Mercedes Gauthier

Ph.D. candidate

Tomy Aumont

M.Sc. candidate
Université de Montréal

Justin Corbin-Lapointe

M.Sc. Ing. candidate

Mathis Piquet

M.Sc. Ing. candidate

Samuel Poulin

M.Sc. Ing. candidate

Michael Foti

M.Sc. Ing. candidate

Karine Lacourse, Ing., M.Sc.

Software Developer

David Lévesque, Ing.

Software Developer

Selected publications

V. Daneault, P. Orban, N. Martin, C. Dansereau, J. Godbout, P. Pouliot, P. Dickinson, N. Gosselin, G. Vandewalle, P. Maquet, J.M. Lina, J. Doyon, P. Bellec and J. Carrier, Cerebral Functional Networks During Sleep in Young and Older Individuals, Scientific Report, 2021

T. Rosinvil, J. Bouvier, J. Dubé, A. Lafreniere, M. Bouchard, J. Cyr-Cronier, N. Gosselin, J. Carrier, J.M. Lina (2020), Are Age and Sex Effects on Sleep Slow Waves only Matter of EEG Amplitude?, SLEEP, 2020

G. Matar, G. Kaddoum, J. Carrier, J.M. Lina, Kalman filtering for posture-adptive in-bed breathing rate monitoring using bed-sheet pressure sensors, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2020

M. Bouchard, J.M. Lina, P.O. Gaudreault, J. Dubé, N. Gosselin and J. Carrier, EEG connectivity across sleep cycles and age, SLEEP, 2020

J.M Lina, E. O’Callaghan and V. Mongrain, Scale-Free Dynamics of the Mouse Wakefulness and Sleep Electroencephalogram Quantified using Wavelet-Leaders, Clocks and Sleep, 2019

M.C. Roubaud, J.M. Lina, J. Carrier, B. Torresani, Matrix-based Space-Time Extension of the MEM Approach for the EEG-MEG Inverse Problem, Int. Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Sept-2018


Localization of segregated (cortical regions) and integrated (functional networks) brain activity and application in the study of functional connectivity during sleep. Arrhythmic signal analysis of the sleeping intracranial signal.